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No one talks about it.  Rarely do we want to think about it, but, the inevitable will some day happen to you and your family and someone will be left to try to piece together what you want to be remembered for.  They will question if they informed all your friends and loved ones about your passing.  Inundated with grief, most likely they will forget some small details.  After you die they will question if they could have done more for you at your service.  Like the celebration of your birth one could also consider parting by leaving a true rendition of the celebration of your life, your dreams and your accomplishments.  You could have your final word and leave attendants at your funeral with a warm sense by sharing exactly what you learnt this time around that made your life here on this planet, very unique and spectacular.  For generations to follow your family can keep an account of who the person in that old photo really was.  This site will help you through the planning process.

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